About Us

“At Kokolita Cakes – We Don’t Just Bake”

martha aguilleraAfter overcoming a complicated childhood, being a single teen mom, learning some really difficult life lessons, I decided to turn life around. I ended up in a high paying corporate job in retail sales and after having a boss that made me choose between my career and my kids- I turned in my resignation, took every risk imaginable and opened Kokolita’s. Today, I work crazy hours, I make sacrifices and commitments, and my kids get to share every experience with me, every step of the way and I am LOVING every minute of it. This is why the HEART behind our brand is so special to me. This is why we participate in fundraisers, offer sponsorships to non profits and work closely with our local church, Single mothers, youth in recovery and many more. THIS is my “WHY” and I can’t wait to create ripples. For more information on our non profit involvement, Click here

“Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the very word says I’M POSSIBLE”- Audrey Hepburn

I’m MartKokolita's 50's style cupcakes and cakesha, and I established Kokolita in 2011. I love to have a bakery that’s more than just your average cupcake shop. Not only do we make delicious and unique cupcakes and cakes, but I added my Chilean background twist with our signature EMPANADAS. For more info on these delicious treats, Click Here.

Martha owner of kokolita cakesI have always had a passion for baking, creating and working with people. I love the 1950’s era because it was a much more wholesome time. It’s a time when comedy was actually Funny, not offensive like a lot of todays shows. I grew up watching “I Love Lucy”, “the Dick Van Dyke Show”, among many others. I was intrigued by classic Hollywood and decided over the years to read the biographies of Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Audrey Hepburn and MANY more. After finding out what these ICON’s favorite foods, desserts, drinks, and hobbies were I decided to make a unique and delicious cupcake flavor inspired by each one.

Some of our cupcakes are infused with ALCOHOL- we like to refer to them as our “21 and over cupcakes” as the alcohol is often not baked out- after all, if Humphrey Bogart’s favorite drink was bourbon, we decided to make his dark chocolate bourbon cupcake the “real deal”!

ATTENTION- If you see  “**” after the name of our cupcake in our cupcake menu, note that it means that the alcohol in that cupcake may be very present.