Kokolita’s Chilean style EMPANADAS are always baked, not fried and have no fillers. We make our fillings, some take more than 12 hours! We then hand seal each empanada and stamp it with the flavor letter and logo. Our fillings are all made with the best ingredients, on site.

8-12 EMPANADA flavors are available for purchase in-store daily. Sweet empanadas are special order only.

  • One dozen empanadas for $35 or $3.75 each.


To All Our Loyal Customers:
At this time, we are temporarily not shipping any orders – ALL orders must be arranged for In-Store Pickup. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.  It’s our mission that your product will always be fresh and delicious! For rush orders, please call 661-257-9338 or email orders@kokolitas.com. Additional fees may apply.
  • 3 business days for fulfillment, then you can pick up in store! Minimum order 1 dozen.
  • For special orders for pick up in store email orders@kokolitas.com or call 661-257-9338 during business hours, click here.

Savory Flavors

  • spinach artichoke and 3 cheese

    Artichoke Spinach

    Artichoke hearts, 3 cheeses, and spinach
  • chicken

    BBQ Pulled Pork

    Slow cooked BBQ pulled pork with corn
  • IMG_0621

    Broccoli Cheddar

    Broccoli florets, cheddar cheese, corn and seasoning
  • IMG_0613


    tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese
  • awesomechnemppic

    Chicken Empanadas

    Slow cooked shredded chicken tomato sauce and lightly seasoned
  • ground beef

    Ground beef

    Our seasoned ground beef with a full green olive
  • lobster and cheese empanada

    Ground Turkey & Sundried Tomato

    Ground turkey, fresh bell peppers, and sundried tomatoes
  • ham and cheese

    Ham & Cheese

    Ham and Monterey jack cheese
  • slow cooked mushroom pork

    Mushroom Pork

    Slow cooked seasoned pork in cream of mushroom
  • shredded beef cheddar and jalapeno

    Shredded beef and jalapeno

    Slow cooked shredded beef with cheddar cheese and fresh chopped jalapenos
  • shrimp cheddar jalapeno

    Shrimp Jalapeno

    Shrimp, fresh chopped jalapeno and cheese
  • ThanksGiving

    Thanksgiving (seasonal OCT-DEC)

    home cooked oven baked turkey, homemade stuffing

Sweet Empanadas

  • strawberry banana

    Banana Strawberry

    Fresh bananas, fresh strawberries, and cream
  • IMG_2193

    Chocolate Bavarian

    dark chocolate with Bavarian cream
  • IMG_2195

    Chocolate, bavarian cream and fresh raspberries

  • IMG_2194

    Homemade apples n cream

  • IMG_2196

    Nutella, banana, and peanut butter

  • pear and cranberry

    Pear cranberry

    Freshly cooked pears with cranberry sauce and almonds