Celebrate our Second Location with Us!

Kokolita Cakes and More has been serving Santa Clarita Valley the most delicious cupcakes in the world for almost 6 years. A second location is about to open and you don’t want to miss the Grand Opening!

I little bit about Martha Kokolita’s owner. She established Kokolita’s in 2011. She has always had a passion for baking, creating and working with people. She loved the 1950’s era because it was a much more wholesome time. It’s a time when comedy was actually funny, not offensive like a lot of today’s shows. She grew up watching “I Love Lucy”, “the Dick Van Dyke Show”, among many others. I was intrigued by classic Hollywood and decided over the years to read the biographies of Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Audrey Hepburn and MANY more. After finding out what these ICON’s favorite foods, desserts, drinks, and hobbies were, she decided to make a unique and delicious cupcake flavor inspired by each one.

Some of her cupcakes are infused with ALCOHOL- we like to refer to them as our “21 and over cupcakes” as the alcohol is often not baked out- after all, if Humphrey Bogart’s favorite drink was bourbon, she decided to make his dark chocolate bourbon cupcake the “real deal”!Chocolatini

While highlighting a more wholesome era of the retro 1950’s -We commit to a high quality, unique and delicious product accompanied by a passion for community, a love of giving and a burning desire to change the world- one treat, one smile, one day at a time.

After overcoming a complicated childhood, being a single teen mom, learning some really difficult life lessons, she decided to turn her life around. She ended up in a high paying corporate job in retail sales and after having a boss that made her choose between her career and kids- she turned in her resignation, took every risk imaginable and opened Kokolita’s. Today, she works crazy hours, she makes sacrifices and commitments, and her kids get to share every experience with her, every step of the way and she is LOVING every minute of it. This is why the HEART behind her brand is so special to her. This is why she participates in fundraisers, offer sponsorship’s to nonprofits and works closely with our local church, Single mothers, youth in recovery and many more. THIS is her “WHY” and she can’t wait to create ripples.

“Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the very word says I’M POSSIBLE”- Audrey Hepburn

Kokolita’s is very involved in the local community and nonprofit organizations locally and nationwide. Please stay tuned for our affiliate links that will allow you to donate a % of your Kokolita purchase to the charity of your choice. We are leaders in this type of affiliate program allowing you to donate with your purchase year-round, while allowing Kokolita’s to stay true to our MISSION of making an impact, one treat at a time.

Kokolita is adding a second location to Santa Clarita Valley. Tomorrow May 26th, 2017 is the Grand Opening of Kokolita’s Cakes and More on Town Center Drive very close to the Westfield Mall in Valencia. Please come and join us in this wonderful celebration! Festivities are from 11am to 6pm at 24305 Town Center Dr, Valencia, CA 91355. You don’t want to miss out! Our Grand Opening, we will be celebrating all the wonderful Hollywood Classic that have Birthday in the month of May. Audrey Hepburn, Willie Mays, Orson Wells, Fred Astaire, Richie Valenz, The Duke aka John Wayne and Bob Hope. They have inspired the flavors of our cupcakes: Holly Golightly, Hey Kid, Citizen Kane, The Ritz, La Bamba The Duke and Ski Nose. These will all be featured at the Grand Opening tomorrow from 11am to 6pm at 24305 Town Center Dr, Valencia, CA 91355. We hope to see you there! LaBamba TheRitz

Martha, Owner of Kokolita’s is an icon in her own right. If it wasn’t for inspiration, her willing to never give up and her 1950’s inspired bakery makes it possible for her to reach out to thousands of homeless and hungry as well as our first responders and many more every year. Every community would benefit from a Kokolita Cakes and More!