Goodbye Candy Corn, until…

Our tasty line-up of seasonal flavors is part of what makes Kokolita’s more of an experience than visiting an ordinary bakery.  This is the last weekend you’ll be able to taste the deliciousness of our Candy Corn Cupcake until… As it turns out, our HUGE 4 Year Anniversary is coming up soon! But, WAIT… What does our anniversary and Candy Corn cupcakes have to do with each-other? Our anniversary celebration is the ONLY time when EVERY SINGLE cupcake and empanada flavors are available… and you are IN LUCK if you really love the Candy Corn Cupcake as much as we do, because you can get them through this Halloween weekend or wait until our anniversary, which is a few short weeks away on Saturday November 14th!

Candy Corn Tray

Tray of Candy Corn Cupcakes