Changing The World, One Empanada At A Time!

After 5 years in business and being able to help over 8,000 people in need by the magical HARD WORK that happens at my little shop – We have a chance to take it to the next level as a business, which will let us help THOUSANDS MORE!

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I need your help to Change The World, One Empanada At A Time!  Go to my INDIEGOGO Campaign and make a difference with me!  Then watch my video and read my story to see how, together, we can make a positive change in our communities!

I’m Martha – Kokolita is my nickname.

It was a pink round cookie that apparently I resembled a lot as a kid 🙂

After a rough child hood and an even rougher teenage life full of challenges, being a teen mom among many other things. I finally got a grip on my life. I got a job in retail and climbed that ladder and started a family. In getting ready for black Friday I completed my duties and let my boss know I’d be taking a few days to tend to my 4 month old. Her response: “You need to get your priorities straight. How will you take care of your family without a job”. My response: A resignation letter and a plan to open my own shop that not only made killer unique products, but an important mission – Feed the hungry, help single parents, help the children, help youth in addiction recovery, show hope for victims of abuse! – Prove to them that there is hope and possibilities out there is you are will to go for them!

Kokolita’s was born and the grand opening was on 11/11/11, which was also Veterans day…another cause to support. From my little shop over the last 5 years we have helped over 8,000 deserving people make their lives better.

With your contributions we will reach the next level as a business and it will blow up that number from 8,000 to 800,000 to 8,000,000 one day. It will amplify our Mission’s Success: “change the world, feed the needy, one treat at a time”. With your contribution YOU get to be the change the world. YOU become a part of that 8 million. We can’t do it without YOU!!

Here’s the opportunity we have in front of us…

We worked long and hard and got a connection to the buyers for COSTCO. We were invited to demonstrate our empanadas in their test kitchen at their corporate office. They LOVED them and just like that we got the opportunity to sell them raw in the frozen section to the public at select COSTCO stores.

After lots of research and the proven track record of frozen items sold, we realized that this opportunity will make all the time and energy my family and I have sacrificed, the many nights they had to go to work with me worth it for their futures and for all the people we help through our little company. But to make it happen we needed a plan…

Here’s the plan: We need to raise 85 thousand dollars! – We have to have walk in freezers and refrigerators installed. That alone will cost about 30 thousand. We have to purchase packaging, not only food grade but freezer safe, because the empanadas have meat in them.  I need to get my kitchen USDA certified as well as pass the COSTCO audit process. Here we’re talking about another 12 thousand. Then we have the first run of payroll, ingredients, production and climate controlled transportation to the warehouses. We also have to produce the items we are giving away with pledges. Based on the quotes we have received this will be another 30 thousand.  We have also been in business long enough to know that things come up a long the way, so we knew that raising the exact amount would be unproductive and leave us unable to finish what we have started. If we don’t reach our complete goal we will do what we can with what we get, starting with fulfilling the items promised to YOU, our awesome contributors! Then installing the walk in freezers and of course the work we have to go through for the COSTCO audit.

When all this hard work becomes reality we will continue to make an impact on this world they way we know how… Together through this project we will help more single parents, feed more homeless, give youth in recovery of addiction something else to fixate on through our classes and even employment. We will create jobs while creating a great quality product which is a MUCH healthier option than most frozen food items available on those shelves today!

After 5 years we have gone though the ups and downs. We have thrived through a recession and we have built a strong brand. We have helped 8,000 deserving people and we have known what it’s like to deal with government agencies and employment turnover. I’m so thankful for the management experience I obtained for the 10 years I did it. It helped so much.

Any contribution is totally appreciated! We will update you on what’s coming and what’s left to do a long the way. We will give you the coolest thank you gifts as promised in the packages. And if you can’t contribute – no problem!! if you could just take the time to watch the video and share, share, share it. You would not only be impacting me and my kids – but more importantly the thousands of people in need!

Thanks so much for your support!

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I need your help to Change The World, One Empanada At A Time!  Go to my INDIEGOGO Campaign and make a difference with me!